Satya Yoga is a yoga studio located at 507½ Botetourt St. in the historic Freemason neighborhood of Norfolk, Va. 757.773.9642


Logan Taylor

Louis Fisher 2013 Sat Yog (74)Logan first knew that teaching yoga was her calling while laying in savasana under a palapa on her beloved island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, shortly after the birth of her son. At a time of so much change, yoga instantly became the constant. It became an integral part of her life, both on and off the mat. She encourages her students to practice from the heart, to draw from a place of love, compassion, and ahimsa (non-harming), and to explore putting yoga into action through service to others.

Logan completed both her 200hr and 500hr RYT certifications through My Yoga Spirit and her beloved teacher Lisa Asha Rapp. She then followed Lisa’s lead, becoming a 300hr Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher last year, and considers Jivamukti and the social activism that is inherently linked with it her passion.

Logan is proud of and humbled by her lineage and owes all of her knowledge to her beloved teachers, especially Lisa Rapp (Asha-ji), Lisa Hernandez, her Jivamukti family – David-ji and Sharon-ji, Jules Febre, Jeffrey Cohen, Yogeswari, and Manorama-ji – and to the teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda and Radhanath Swami. She is dedicated  to lovingly contributing to the timeless baton-pass of lineage between teacher and student, and actively participates in increasing the happiness and well being of everyone she meets.

Mckenzie Oast

IMG_1819McKenzie has been practicing yoga for 7 years and teaching for 4. She completed her 200hr teacher training under Angela Phillips in 2010 and has been studying under Gabrielle Gerard since 2005. With Gabrielle, she has completed trainings in TriYoga Basics and TriYoga Level 1, and is currently working through her Level 2 training. She has studied personally under Swamini Kaliji (Kali Ray), the founder of TriYoga, as well as Kathleen Barratt of Barratt Breathworks. McKenzie is a passionate and lifelong student of yoga and philosophy, and weaves together her trainings and education to create thoughtful, balanced practices accessible to beginners as well as advanced students. We are also lucky to have her as Satya’s Studio Manager!

Michael Dressler

In an effort to find peace of mind, improve relationships to all, and exist in a happier way, Michael brought yoga into his life in the summer of 2007.  Michael believes that with a consistent and dedicated practice the limitations of the mind and body begin to fray and every day one moves closer to yoga.  Completing his 200 hour RYT in July 2009 at My Yoga Spirit, he was given his Sanskrit name Arjuna by his beloved teacher Lisa Asha Rapp.  Michael’s classes are influenced by the lineages of Jivamukti, Ashtanga, and Dharma Mittra, and challenge the body, mind, and spirit.  Music is his other passion.  As an oboist and member of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Michael enjoys keeping the light of art alive by performing the great works of music.

Elisa Mangubat (Bhramamayi)

Yoga found Elisa almost seven years ago after she had sustained knee injuries through dance. She hopped on her mat and began practicing with Ann Richardson at Virginia Wesleyan College, thinking that yoga would be a good rehabilitation practice for her knee and her body. Little did she know it would turn into much more. Elisa continued her practice at Studio Bamboo Institute of Yoga when it opened in 2009, and quickly began to realize the mind/body connection that yoga cultivated, which led her to taking the next step. Elisa completed her 200 hour teacher training through Studio Bamboo in May 2010 and her 500RYT in May 2012, through Lisa Asha Rapp and My Yoga Spirit. She has also completed training with Craig Hanauer of Every Kids Yoga and is deeply inspired by the teachings of Seane Corn, David Life, and Sharon Gannon. Elisa has boundless capacity for serving others and enjoys putting her heart, passion, and abundant energy into service work both locally and globally. She has worked closely with Off the Mat, Into the World, a 501(c)(3) that bridges yoga and activism. She also enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and boundless adventures around the world.

Erika Mercer

erikaErika was introduced to yoga in San Diego, CA at Bird Rock Yoga. As she transitioned out of a stressful job into a new stage of her life yoga became her release and savior. The studio became a home away from home and her addiction and fascination to the practice grew. She excitedly had to share this newfound love and healing medicine with everyone she knew and completed the 200hr Teacher Training course at Bird Rock under the extremely talented and soulful mentorship of Heather Grisco, Luke Wientzen, and Jeni Oh. Erika’s favorite thing about yoga is the feeling of being able to shut down everything outside of your being. When you practice it’s just your soul, your body, and your breath in that present moment. There are no thoughts, no judgment, no competition; it is pure freedom from your own mind. The mat has become a sanctuary that has guided her out of dark times and into a place of light, a place of complete gratitude. Erika recreates that sanctuary for her students in her classes and guides each and every one on their own personal path through yoga. She often draws parallels between the practice and everyday life and hopes her students can take these lessons off the mat and walk into the world feeling empowered, grateful, and confident.

Ann Swanson

annAnn has studied yoga all over the world.  She earned her advanced certification (RYT500) deep in the Himalayas of India, the birthplace of yoga.  Ann teaches all ages (from 8-98) and body types (from adaptive to advanced).  In addition to teaching yoga, she is a certified massage therapist, Tai Chi for Health teacher, and anatomy & physiology lab assistant.  Her main focus is in unifying the eastern holistic and western evidence-based approaches into a more flexible approach towards wellness.  Ann is constantly expanding her knowledge on yoga and the body under such teachers as: Gary Kraftstow, Beryl Bender Birch, Yogi Sivadas, Mathew Sanford, etc.  Her classes are always specifically adapted to those in the class with challenges and options for everybody.


Bonnie Braithwaite

5492_1094045325844_6992042_nBonnie began her yogic journey 15 years ago and quickly recognized the healing wisdom of the practice.  She learned to breathe deeply and allow yoga to keep her centered during difficult times and to rejoice in the magic of life during every moment.  Although not a certified teacher at the time, she led daily classes while deployed to Iraq in 2007 and, at that point, knew sharing the path of yoga was truly her own dharma.  She completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification in 2009 and teaches from a fun, holistic point of view.  Bonnie is also certified through Yoga Warriors to teach people suffering from PTSD and received her prenatal certification through Blooma.  She has studied with numerous teachers and finds joy in all styles of yoga but especially loves any practice incorporating great music and intuitive movement.  Bonnie is so grateful for her teachers and her family, she cherishes her role as mother of three young adults.  On any day you can find her tending her garden or up to her elbows in all sorts of creative projects.

Vanessa Fleming


Vanessa Fleming started practicing yoga regularly 8 years ago, after her a doctor recommendation to help alleviate a range of anxiety and depression-related issues. After 5 years of practicing and a little kismet sign from the universe, she completed her 200-hour training through YogaWorks Soho in 2011, under the guidance of Chrissy Carter. Vanessa just returned to her hometown of Norfolk after a year of globetrotting, where her yoga practice grew beyond the asanas, into a spiritual and inspirational enlightenment from a variety of sources around the world. She uses those personal experiences as dedication to her continuous growth, as well as guidance for her students. When she’s not on her mat, you can find Vanessa surfing some waves all year long, snowboarding in the winter, or just being content with life.